I offer an accessible sign language services for deaf and deafblind people, both in person at the Madrid office and online for those who prefer this format.


Individual therapy

This therapy offers 1-on-1 attention, where I will listen to you without judgement, treat you with respect and work with you to create a collaborative work plan. We will create a comfortable and confidential space to help guide you on a healthier path, as well as develop personal skills and abilities to deal with situations that worry you or cause you discomfort.

The issues I deal with are the following:

Anxiety and anxiety attacks



Personal growth


Post-traumatic stress


Improving social skills and abilities

Fears / phobias

Deep sadness and depression

Decision making

Gender-based violence

Sexual therapy

Erotic can be difficult to understand in your life, do you want to resolve your erotic struggles? Most erotic and/or sexual difficulties are psychological in nature and working on them will help you to improve your intimate experiences in the most satisfying way possible.

The services cover the following areas:

High/low sexual desire

Difficulties with penetration

Erotic difficulties



Sexual identity or desire orientation

Sexual monotony


Erotic peculiarities

Polyamory / non-monogamous relationships

Couple therapy

A couple is a team effort and it can be complex. In therapy, you can find solutions to develop and improve the relationship as well as deal with certain issues, for example:

Jealousy and infidelity

Difficulties in living together

Difficulties in raising children

Family formation (pregnancy and the arrival of the baby)

Reconstituted families

Relationship dissatisfaction

Communication problems

Break-up (separation/divorce)

Other types of relationship


If you belong to an organisation or entity, and you are interested in expanding your knowledge in the field of psychology, I can offer my perspective, experience and expertise to your team. I have given talks and workshops on different topics, both nationally and internationally. We can personalise a training session to fit your organisation's needs. Contact me for more information.

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